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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures & Patterns

I am so proud of myself, I have almost completed one item for my work wardrobe. I will post pictures on the morrow. I just have to sew the pants hem and I'll be done.


Size used: 16

Fabric Used: Medium weight denim from walmart

Notions: Jean/ Dungaree Button

View Used: D

These pants went together nicely, I did not have a problem this time. I cut the them out on Monday night and sewed everything except the hem on Tuesday. I love the wide legs of the pattern. I may be wearing them this week.

Simplicity 3842

Size used: 14

Fabric used: Mystery stretch/woven fabric from walmart

Notions Used: Black Twill Bias Tape 1/4"

View Used: B

The pattern is not very difficult. I sewd the majority of the pieces flat. Looking at the picture, I need to add about 2 inches in length of the bodice, so that the gathering will sit below my bust. I had to grade in the waist seams because of my full bust. I had a sewing error with the neck band, so I added the bias trim to the neckline and the sleeves for continuity.

Overall, this is a easy pattern. This is my 3rd time making this. The first was for my ETA graduation in white eyelet; the second, was done in a red batiste that I absolutely loved, but I could not get it to fit with my bust, so I gave it to a friend.

I may make this again.

New Look 6811

Size Used: 14

Fabric: Lightweight Demin

Notions: 5/8 inch elastic

View Used: C

This is going to be a favorite pattern, I cut this out and sewed in on Sunday and wore it to work on Monday. I adjusted the length and the crotch depth for my 5'0" height. I absolutely love this. I did not use the drawstring ties, eventhough the pattern instructions for the ties are great, you don't have to t urn the fabric. The cut of the pants are wide, so you may need to grade down in width for your preference. I love the look so it works for me. The greatest feature for me is the flat front pocket, I think this is very flattering.

I recommend this.

New Look 6816: Easy 2 hour

Size Used: 14 with 1/2" FBA

Fabric Used: Black Jersey from

View Used: C

This did not take me 2 hours to make, it would have, if I did not have problems with the neckline. The problem, I was tired and determined to make the top that night. I had to cut the neckline 3 times before I got it right. At some point I am going to learn not to sew when I need to sleep. The neckline does not normally sit that low, I was lazy and did not want to recut the fabric because I plan to use the remaining yardage for another top. I will have alter the bottom side/hip seam because it flares more than I would like. I wore the top with the belt, so the extra flare is not noticable. This is really a quick top to make and I will make more.

I plan on completing the hem of my demin pants and sew the skirt from the remnant fabric. Will post soon.

Be Blessed

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Patterns and Fabric

A few upcoming projects. I really liked these patterns and I got the fabric on sale from JoAnns a while ago.

Vogue 1026

I am thinking about making this for a wedding, I am not 100% positive or I may use this one.

Simplicity 2938

I really liked this coat/jacket. The fabric was a red tag sale for $4.00/yd.


Be Blessed